Our team of sales and service professionals support the efforts of architects, specifiers, consultants, building owners and qualified contractors. We are also able to provide multiple construction services.

Visual Inspections

Periodic visual inspections increase the service life of a roof. Identifying and repairing roof deficiencies, help the building owner to realize not just longer roof performance, but a lowered cost of roof ownership overall.

Our qualified roof inspectors observe the entire roof area identifying, documenting and photographing all deficiencies and documenting.

Our report documents information gathered and we make corrective recommendations. The report may also provide estimated budgets for all of the recommended roof repairs. If requested, IRSI will contact local roofing contractors and coordinate repairs that may be required.

Design Services for Roof Replacement/Repair

We generate your roof project bid documents to ensure that they comply with manufacturer and industry standards. Our project managers can review the roof specifications and drawings to look at roofing application, detail requirements, and overall design consistency. We can also provide Scope of Work for contractors to bid on.

When it’s time to put your project out for bids, IRSI can assist with distribution of the documents as well as development of a pre-qualified invited bidders list. We assist in the comparison of bids with same Scope of Work to help you determine which proposal is most qualified. This helps ensure that you are choosing from only qualified contractor with proven results executing projects like yours.

Project Management

IRSI can provide project management to track your roofing installation to ensure that it is installed in accordance with the contract documents, to troubleshoot issues early, and to verify that the Owner is getting the quality job that they are paying for.

We can review the contract documents, submittals, schedules of value, change orders, pay requests, etc. We can participate in the Pre-Construction and progress meetings and conduct “in progress” and “final” inspections. u can d. Proudly serving the Florida commercial roofing market for over twenty years with quality products and integrity you can depend on.

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